And so it continues!

Posted on 13th May, 2020

So, we have the beginnings of the loosening of restrictions.  And now is the danger.

Many people appear to be deliberately looking for even more complications than there actually are (and there are certainly some), but now is the time where it really is up to us.

Up to us to grasp the realities, and time to take responsibility.  The government did not cause this, and no-one can guarantee that anyone has all the answers, but we do have the facts. 

The facts are not to be found from the mainstream media (MSM), but are available to those who look.

Also, recriminations can wait.  We have a battle to win first.  Then we can look back at what went badly and what went well.


And all this is the same as business.  Get the relevant facts from reliable sources. Make decisions. Get behind those decisions. Take responsibility for getting things done. Learn from the best and worst of your decisions.

In-fighting in the middle of your development spells disaster, so let's avoid that and watch each other's backs.

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