Posted on 15th January, 2020

We're well into the new year.  At least, far enough to have broken all our resolutions!

So let's not dwell on what we haven't done and concentrate on what we have done, or what we WILL do.

What we will do is make decisions.  We just can't avoid that, but how can we be sure they are the best, or even the right ones?

Well one thing is for sure and that is that it does no harm to get the views of others, particularly those whose views you trust.  But then you have the problem of their views not matching your own, so then you start to doubt their wisdom.

Been there eh?

So may we make a suggestion?   Ask independent experts who most certainly have the t-shirt.  Been there, done that, know how to avoid the pitfalls, and tell it as it is.

And that is the crux.  'Tell it how it is', and if you are tough enough to take it and listen, and then act upon it you'll be on your way!

We'll wait by the phone shall we?

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Good advice doesn't come much better!