Almost here!

Posted on 19th December, 2019

It's the morning of Thursday December 19th, still 6 shopping days left and everywhere is packed!

Not a parking place to be had in the main town carpark or the big supermarket.

Such enterprise, such endeavour, such effort, such determination to get things done.


You know where this is leading don't you!


When there is something that we both have to do and need to do, guess what?  We do it!


So, in business we just have to work out what we have to do and need to do, and ............we just don't do it!   Why?  Because we don't WANT to do it.


That's the trick.  Learning (or in our case being taught) how to WANT to do that which must be done.   Once we've taught you that you're on your way. 

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