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Posted on 4th December, 2019

As Christmas approaches there are all kinds of decisions to make.

Depending upon your particular circumstances there may be presents to buy, travel arrangements to be made, food to be ordered, TV watch plans to be finalised, animals to board etc etc etc...


And if you're a business manager or owner there is so much that needs to be in place before the time that everything and everyone starts to run down and lose concentration!


Isn't it amazing that whenever we are trying to get away for a break all our clients come up with something urgent that just can't wait until after the break, or after your holiday.

Happens every time doesn't it!


So what's that answer?  Well one answer is just don't leave everything until the last minute, have a comprehensive plan, and stick to it.   Time spent anticipating what is to come is time well spent indeed.

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We provide jelly forks!
Planning for Christmas?
I could do with some help with that! Always felt is was like trying to eat jelly with a fork.