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And so it continues!

Posted on 13th May, 2020

So, we have the beginnings of the loosening of restrictions.  And now is the danger.

Many people appear to be deliberately looking for even more complications than there actually are (and there are certainly some), but now is the time where it really is up to us.

Up to us to grasp the realities, and time to take responsibility.  The government did not cause this, and no-one can guarantee that anyone has all the answers, but we do have the facts. 

The facts are not to be found from the mainstream media (MSM), but are available to those who look.

Also, recriminations can wait.  We have a battle to win first.  Then we can look back at what went badly and what went well.


And all this is the same as business.  Get the relevant facts from reliable sources. Make decisions. Get behind those decisions. Take responsibility for getting things done. Learn from the best and worst of your decisions.

In-fighting in the middle of your development spells disaster, so let's avoid that and watch each other's backs.

Have you?

Posted on 24th January, 2020

We're already 8% into 2020.   Have you made any changes, improvements, plans?

Or is it business as usual with an emphasis on hope? 


We know that the majority response to those two questions will be 'No' and 'Yes'.


Oh dear.  Looks like you need a little help and guidance.


Any idea where to find it?    Let us help.....................!


Posted on 15th January, 2020

We're well into the new year.  At least, far enough to have broken all our resolutions!

So let's not dwell on what we haven't done and concentrate on what we have done, or what we WILL do.

What we will do is make decisions.  We just can't avoid that, but how can we be sure they are the best, or even the right ones?

Well one thing is for sure and that is that it does no harm to get the views of others, particularly those whose views you trust.  But then you have the problem of their views not matching your own, so then you start to doubt their wisdom.

Been there eh?

So may we make a suggestion?   Ask independent experts who most certainly have the t-shirt.  Been there, done that, know how to avoid the pitfalls, and tell it as it is.

And that is the crux.  'Tell it how it is', and if you are tough enough to take it and listen, and then act upon it you'll be on your way!

We'll wait by the phone shall we?

Almost here!

Posted on 19th December, 2019

It's the morning of Thursday December 19th, still 6 shopping days left and everywhere is packed!

Not a parking place to be had in the main town carpark or the big supermarket.

Such enterprise, such endeavour, such effort, such determination to get things done.


You know where this is leading don't you!


When there is something that we both have to do and need to do, guess what?  We do it!


So, in business we just have to work out what we have to do and need to do, and ............we just don't do it!   Why?  Because we don't WANT to do it.


That's the trick.  Learning (or in our case being taught) how to WANT to do that which must be done.   Once we've taught you that you're on your way. 

Things we CAN change

Posted on 12th December, 2019

We write this as polling day heads towards its end, and we all await the results tomorrow.

Nothing we can do about it now.  The die is cast and we will all have to live with the consequences.

We can't change the result of the election, but we can control our own business, and to a degree our own lives.

Many people need help in these areas, and it's help that we provide.  Just ask!

We all know, but do we?

Posted on 5th December, 2019

We gave a short demonstration of the perfect 60 second pitch recently.

We all think we know how to do that, but guess what?  We don't!


We gave some free advice regarding manager/staff relationships.

We all think we know how to handle staff, but guess what?  We don't!


Getting the message?


Maybe YOU need The Coachmen.

Good time for a BLOG!

Posted on 4th December, 2019

As Christmas approaches there are all kinds of decisions to make.

Depending upon your particular circumstances there may be presents to buy, travel arrangements to be made, food to be ordered, TV watch plans to be finalised, animals to board etc etc etc...


And if you're a business manager or owner there is so much that needs to be in place before the time that everything and everyone starts to run down and lose concentration!


Isn't it amazing that whenever we are trying to get away for a break all our clients come up with something urgent that just can't wait until after the break, or after your holiday.

Happens every time doesn't it!


So what's that answer?  Well one answer is just don't leave everything until the last minute, have a comprehensive plan, and stick to it.   Time spent anticipating what is to come is time well spent indeed.