November 2021. Why doesn't our website change? Well, what we offer doesn't so it seems sensible not to make changes just for the sake of making changes. As we get ever closer to 'normality', businesses will require funding. People will require Lifetime (Equity Release) mortgages. Struggling businesses, new and established, will still need guidance from those who have the t-shirt! None of that has changed, and neither has where to find help!

 We are The Coachmen

 We have been working in the Financial Services Industry throughout our professional lives, and have gained a number of things:



Exceptional Facilities


We have a simple philosophy.

In order to be successful in business (and indeed in life) we must first give.

If we all give, we all receive.

It's a very basic philosophy, but it works! 


And we run our own Open Networking Group based on the same philosophy.

Waltham Abbey LINK.

We meet at

Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel, every 1st Wednesday at 9.30am.

NB: During the pandemic restrictions our meetings are via Zoom.

613 601 8591    WAMeets

All are welcome.


 Our Commercial Funding facilities are comprehensive, and enable almost every applicant to find the funding they need for the best possible return on their investment / borrowings.

"Business should be fun. We put the fun into funding!"


And the Lifetime Mortgage option for homeowners who wish to raise capital is something that can help thousands of people. 

NB: This is not for everyone. Qualified advice is essential!





With the experience of many years of Management Development, Coaching and Team Building 'The Coachmen' have built an enviable reputation of delivering on their promises.


Regular requests for advice on Commercial Funding led to the creation of a Specific Funding Facility, that is able to meet the needs of almost every applicant, often in ways they had not previously considered!


If you have current commercial funding, or are looking to expand your business with the help of an injection of cash, it is well worth giving us a call.


Most businesses go the standard route for their funding, but this is often NOT the most efficient, but unless you research the alternatives you will never know that there are better options.


But research takes time, as well as a degree of expertise.  That's where we come in.

We have both the time and the expertise!


We look forward to hearing from you.

email at


AND Lifetime Mortgage Facilities are something that many people are now seriously investigating and signing up to. It enables the release of equity in your home without paying back any of the capital during your residency in your home, only interest on the loan being paid.

There are many reasons to need to utilize the equity laying dormant in your home, and this could be the answer for you.

Do ask for a more detailed explanation.



And our Management Mentoring and Training facility remains available,

as current clients will testify!





Clive and Paul sharing their combined experiences with various audiences, both educational and social.





Some of our highly Competitive Facilities are


  Much commercial funding is carried out, not by the high street banks, but by

highly specialised professional underwriters, working for niche lenders.

Many people do not have access to these lenders, BUT WE DO!





Call us on 01495 832411 / 07739 817572 / 07918 196666


                                 We look forward to arranging your Funding Needs!


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