November 2017.......... We specialise in Team Building, because no business can be as successful as it could be without a coherent strategy, and a team working together toward a common goal. Often unseen, yet fundamental, errors are regularly made by even the 'best' of organisations. The Coachmen will rectify these errors, and YOU will be the beneficiary. Money well spent? Oh yes!


Team Buiding can be an expensive item in the annual budget.

However, it is almost universally accepted that it is an essential part of any successful business development.

So, when deciding upon YOUR programme, ensure that you get the best results for your team, and that means a bespoke Team Building programme.


This is The Coachmen's speciality!

 Team Building

Management Coaching

Business Development



We are The Coachmen

We have a simple philosophy, based on always doing the right thing for our clients.  It's called integrity.

Sadly not always in abundant supply.



With the experience of many years of coaching, mentoring, planning, training and development 'The Coachmen' offer a truly unique opportunity to work together to create the management growth and progression that you and your Company seeks.


Specialising in Team Building, we offer bespoke development opportunities that are not 'run of the mill' sessions.  No choosing which animal you resemble, or standing on a tree stump whilst remonstrating with Alex from Product Development about the benefits of the deficient linear reach of an object!

We believe in innovation and relevance, in order that you and your team actually benefit from the sessions!  

We are no great believers in pages of web information that are unlikely to be read. What we do believe in is getting to the facts. The facts are that if you or your organisation is in need of improvement, we suggest that you speak to those who have genuine experience of success at all levels of business, and, most importantly, the hands-on experience to know how to get the very best from everyone in your organisation.



So what should you do now?

We would suggest that the best way to establish if 'The Coachmen' can answer your questions is to ask us.  Make contact, explain your situation, and let us show you how we can help you and your organisation develop and improve, professionally, financially and personally.


You can contact us by email at: or  or if you prefer an initial chat: 01992 899036 / 07918 196666 / 07739 817572

Remember, we specialise in Team Building, because it is only by successful team interraction that any business can develop to its full potential.

Successful Team Building days are worth their weight in gold.  Let us provide that gold.






We have a Commercial Funding Facility that is NOT AVAILABLE to those who do not have 'insider knowledge'!   Much commercial funding is carried out, not by the high street banks, but by highly specialised professional underwriters, working for niche lenders.

Most people do not have access to these lenders, they remain hidden, BUT WE DO!

Please go to the link below ( for more information. 

You can make contact via the 'Let's Chat' option on that page, or come back to us here. 

You won't regret it.


                                      We look forward to making your acquaintance.

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